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There is much more to Petrophysics than the supply of porosity, hydrocarbon saturation, and Net-to-Gross!
Throughout the life cycle of a prospect and a field, Petrophysics can provide answers, reduce uncertainties, and thus help your decision-making, at a relatively low cost.

We provide flexible, short-term Petrophysical expertise. Our areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to: horizontal well logging, cased-hole logging, integrated interpretation, auditability, data quality and management. Our experience covers both clastic and carbonate reservoirs.

We can provide a large spectrum of services relating to Petrophysics, in particular:

Do you have adequate manpower and time to evaluate the logs for all your current opportunities?
Are the Petrophysical data you use in your models and reserves estimates consistent and auditable?
Are all your log-related procedures in the field and in the office well-defined and in place?

We can help! Contact us.

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