• need Petrophysical input to evaluate opportunities
  • want the work done
  • ... first time right
  • but you are short of manpower resources and time
  • and you are under pressure to cut costs

  • We:

    Meranti tree

  • are petrophysicists with a rare combination of decisive skills & experience: Petrophysics + Operations + IT
  • are flexible
  • want your business so we will strive to give you value and quality for money
  • will work on a "no cure no pay" basis for clearly-scoped jobs
  • will work with you to determine the best solution to your problems
  • will quote you an "all-inclusive" price - no "plus-plus", no surprises.
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    Meranti Consulting Services Pty Ltd
    POB 7081 Shenton Park Western Australia
    Tel + 61 8 9382 8909 - Email:

    Last update: 04-Mar-2013